Special Indicator Papers

Special Indicator Papers

BromoThymol BluePaper: Used in Bovine Mastitis detection; Sugar and Milk testing

Brilliant Yellow Paper: Indicates adulteration in oil

Congo Red Paper: Used in Bio-Chemistry and Histology

Chlorine Test Paper: Tests residual chlorine in drinking and swimming pool water

Lead Acetate Paper: Tests Sulphide Ions in any solution

Litmus Paper – Blue: Turns red in acidic solution

Litmus Paper – Red: Changes colour to Blue in alkaline media

Metanil Yellow Paper: Used in Adulteration test kits

Phenolphthalein Paper: Used in School Chemistry labs, Neutralization Analysis

p-Rosolic Acid Paper: Used in Adulteration test kits

StarchPaper: Tests presence of Halides like Chlorine, Bromine, Iodide etc.

Starch Iodide Paper: Used to detect Oxidizing agents like Halides, Nitrites, Dioxides and Peroxides

Turmeric Paper: Used in detection of Boric Acid and Borates

Special Indicator Papers
Bromothymol blue
Litmous Red